Monday, September 8, 2008

Daily Blogg: Culture time

I don't really have much time this morning with work and what have you but i found time to post this enigmatic and hauntingly beautiful work of operatic art as sung by the always amazing Sarah Brightman.
I suggest you turn your sound system up and let her amazing voice wash over you and clear away those weekend cobwebs as she adds a level of color and texture to an already deeply emotional musical score that borders on the precipice of perfection.


ether way enjoy and i'll catch you all later


DoveAlexa said...

I did not watch the opera, but I did watch the Enya, very good stuff ^^.

It reminds me of a tribal bellydance routine by Kami liddle. I'll link you it.

enjoy ^^

Aries said...

well that was...

a very supple young lady to be sure with some unusual music, yhank you for the link

DoveAlexa said...

You know it gave you a boner, don't lie. ;P

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