Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Microsoft Maintance on XBL on April 1st

So yea XBL is down and no surprisingly no this is not some twisted April fools gag from Micro$oft to frustrate and annoy its users but a somewhat badly timed and frustratingly useless revamp of the current buggs and glitches to introduce there new "anti cheating" system.

Massive changes im sure you would agree ...*cough*... but gobsmackingly huge gamer scores aside i couldn't care less about the whole gamer score thing as to be honest its nothing but a giant pointless dick waving contest, I mean its not like we can do anything with them now is it?

ok time to make this post useful and point out that any achievements earned during the maintenance cycle while XBL is down will be invalid and NOT count towards your Gamerscore.
Also not that during this time all the XBL forums and systems including XBL GamerTags will be non functional.

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