Sunday, February 10, 2008

Crash Update: Insurance is paying out!

At last some good news, it turns out that although im out of warnte im entitled to claim back on one of the nice company's that have given me work over the past years insurance. The company (that will remain nameless due to the fact that i do want to work for them again eventually) has had one of there tech guys inform me that the origin of my little bug was on one of the Data Discs that they sent me with there format information on it.

Apparently instead of sending me a nice shiny new freelancer format disc they decided to burn a pirate copy and keep the original. In order for me to keep my big fat mouth shut they have informed me that for all intents they are classing me as staff long enough for me to get my equipment replaced.

But is it fraud? do i care? all i know is it will take about another two or three weeks to go through , so sporadic and random updates until then, sorry folks.


N8 said...

Yay, who cares if its legal, as long as your shit gets replaced. Hopefully you get reimbursed the money you spent so far.

Aries said...

i can only hope, after doing a quick run down with the insurance chappy im looking at about £4000 give or take if im lucky.

but yea looks like the end of the month for a new laptop and the repairs on the desktops.

n8 said...

I hope u get to take. make sure u post a pic if ur new super cray XX computer.

Aries said...

well im custom ordering the parts so i can hand over the receipts and things (i'll post a list as soon as i get confirmation on there shipping ststus) but i think im going to try and salvage the cooling system from the Epion MV and and use what few salvageable parts i can to rebuild the Humming Cheese.

If im lucky i should end up with three 3Gig+ processing computers to form my network core and a nice 4gig laptop to go mobile with.