Monday, July 9, 2007

ARGH the pain!!!

i didnt realy get a chance to update properly this week primarily because of unberable pain in the form of a shattered tooth....
yes i know no excuse its not like my hads are broken but well its kinda hard to type when your seeing spots and because of that my usual social commentry has been somewhat lax.
now if you will excuse me im off to drink somthing with a very high alchohol content to numb the pain while i wait to see the dentist tomorrow.

as for the why's and wherfores of how a grown man managed to crack a molar...well thats a story for another time *ahem* mostly because i have to find out how from my ''sober'' friends... now before i go i do not condone binge drinking nor do i condone fighting and / or falling while intoxicated but ya gotta admit ....its fun

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