Friday, June 29, 2007

Oxhorns new Blogg!

Brandon (Oxhorn) Dennis the (in my humble opinion) master of Warcraft machinima has created a daily blogg on Bloggspot (much like my good self) and has the good grace...or is that good graze? post a small taster of some of his frankly amazing work for all us poor insane warwhoring MMORPGers and give us all a good laugh.

Details on is work can as always be found on but with his new Blogg we get an insite into the masters work...


on a side note in a pityfull homage to the great fuzzy and funny one i have created a Tauren of my very own (besides my Shammy) and have decided to name him Oxokube, hopefully my little druid can live up to the name, Oh and if you havent seen Brandons work before you can find a little taster of his work on this very blogg...enjoy

and hopefully he will get my comment that i left on his blogg



Brandon M. Dennis said...

Thanks for the plug! :D

by: Aries said...

ah it's the least i could do for all those hours of entertainment.